Delinqunete Vermentino Piquette 750mL

Vermentino Piquette

The new, new drink of summer – Piquette is a wine-adjacent drink that is big on refreshment and low on fuss. Made by re-hydrating pressed grape skins in water and fermenting the remaining sugar, our piquettes are made from our organic and biodynamic Vermentino skins and come in around the 5% ABV mark.

Packed with spritzy, yeasty and fruity goodness,our 750ml bottle version is straight up piquette - and straight up gluggable. We blended in a small amount of fresh Chardonnay juice into the piquette base prior to bottling, which fermented away in bottle to make a sparkling piquette a la pet nat. Super refreshing, grapey, clean and bright with a soft layer of yeasty goodness, goes down with out touching the sides on a warm sunny day. Wild fermented with no added SO2.

- Delinquente