Entropy Willow Grove Savagnin 2021 750mL

Willow Grove

Savagnin 2021

Single Vineyard Savagnin from Willow Grove. 

20yr old, north facing vines, own rooted and never irrigated.

This vineyard site is beautiful but when I found it the vineyard itself was not. Overgrown with blackberries and vines dying back from trunk disease, It's been a fight to get it back into shape to say the least.

 The Blackberry label is ode to all the physical and emotional pain they caused and a reminder that the struggle can be worth it.

14% alcohol but with a PH of 3.1 (that means lots of acidity), this wine is a powerhouse. The wine was barrel fermented and left untopped for the year. It's Rich and saline, nutty and creamy but with loads of fruit character keeping it fresh and bright. 

- Entropy