Foradori Morei Teroldego 2021 750ml

Morei Teroldego

“As little brother Sgarzon goes all crypto, Morei turns the juicy way. Blue raspberry and musk on the nose and a colour that is almost lighter than Sgarzon. The Mediterranean macchia (aka Mediterranean bush) mixes with berries in an intriguing way. The acidity is dark, the tannins fresh and acidulous. Loveable oxymorons move constantly in and out with harmony. The youth is evident but pleasantly accepted by the elements themselves. An initial menthol-sage grip moves more and more towards red oranges; some kind of ancient variety of red oranges. All surrounded by something sacred burning and smoking it all slightly; myrrh maybe. Poetic, feminine and tense like the woman I want to marry one day.”

 - Foradori