Jean Bouteille Pirate 2023 750ml


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Pirate is a field blend of 90% Merlot with 10% Semillon from Jeff Traeger organically
farmed vineyard in Vine vale, East of the Barossa.
The Vines are growing on deep sand over red clay & benefits from a good diurnal
temperature to help phenolic ripeness. Jeff has been managing his vineyard organically
without any herbicides, pesticides & other synthetic chemicals for more than 40 years.
Sprays of organic Sulfur & Copper are very few due to a dry & windy growing season
which help keep the disease pressure low.
Both grappes are hand picked by ourselves on the same day & whole bunch tipped into
a Fibreglass tank to undergo a week of carbonic maceration. After that week, we foot
stomp the bunches to release their juice onto the skins to extract some colour & aromatic
for about 10 hours.
The must is then pressed in a horizontal screw press & the wine is transferred back to
the fibreglass to finish it’s fermentation & undergo a 7 month élevage on its fine lees.
Bottled on site in our Basket Range winery without fining nor filtration.

- JB