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T's & C's
In short: we care about you and your privacy and we really care about complying with all licensing, privacy and data protection laws. If you ever have a concern please contact us so we can address and put your mind at ease.
  1. Flor Wine & Grocer Supports the Responsible Service of Alcohol
Under Australian Law it is illegal to supply alcohol to minors or to anyone intending to supply to minors. By entering this site you acknowledge that you are over 18 years. Any orders shipped must by law be signed for by an adult.
2. Copyright
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No material, text or images on florgrocer.com may be downloaded, reproduced or communicated except as permitted by Australian copyright laws or with the express permission from Flor Wine & Grocer.
3. Privacy Policy
By using this site you have agreed and are bound by our privacy policy as is set out below. Flor Wine & Grocer may review and amend its privacy policy at any time.
Flor Wine & Grocer does collect personal personal information about its customers both online and instore to improve our ability to provide personalised service. We take privacy very seriously and will not attempt to collect any information that is not voluntarily provided.  If at any time you have a concern or question about how your information please contact us at hello@florgrocer.com.
In some cases of promotion with business partners or sponsors some information may be shared and we encourage you to review the privacy policy of these business also. We do want to point out that we can only make guarantees about the information collected on our website and instore. If you are following links to external websites, apps or social media or arrive at our website from external links you must consider the policies of those third party sites and businesses.
There are instances in which we will be required personal information in situations where it is necessary by law to do so. These include instances where a law has been broken, or in which we need to take action to protect our own rights or bring legal action against any party who is intentionally or unintentionally infringing upon our business activities as protected by Australian law.
4. Security & Data Storage Statement
Rest assured that Flor Wine & Grocer is compliant with all security practices to protect private personal and financial information. Flor does not store any sensitive information. If you have any concerns about the security of data please contact us directly on hello@florgrocer.com
5. Limitation of Liability
Flor Wine & Grocer provides services in good faith and provides no warranties or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, in any relation to any aspect of service and all warranties are excluded to the extent Australian Law provides.
No content on www.florgrocer.com constitutes advice and should be relied upon for any decision making. To the extent permitted by Australian Law, Flor Wine & Grocer disclaims any and all liability arising in any way in connection to any loss or damage in connection with any use of our services or inability to use our services.
Please direct any queries you have about our terms and conditions of service to us directly on hello@florgrocer.com and we would be glad to clarify and assist.