Borachio Cantaria Vermut 1L

Cantaria Vermut

Cantaria, an Australian Vermouth. Bright, fresh, perfectly sweet. Citrus driven with a flurry of herbs from the garden and a dash of native aromatics. This was a while in the making, came full circle in the end. Initial blends were far more into the amaro, bitter world. The final result takes more cues from the Vermut bars of Barcelona, something to relax with, to whet the appetite. Cue the Pa amb tomàquet & anchoa! carbonic Cabernet Sauvignon from the 2021 vintage, fortified at 3 baumé (around the same amount of sugar as a 600ml Farmers Union Iced Coffee - for comparison), aromats steeped in grape spirit and blended in April 2022. Serve cold and neat, over ice, or as a spritz with Pash Rash®.

- Borachio