Foradori Granato Teroldego 2020 750ml

Granato Teroldego

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“We have already drank through the elements that defined 2020 Teroldegos from the more stoney sites (i.e. Morei 2020) and here we find the elevated version of those aspects. Deep petroleum and tar notes on the nose melt with dark but fresh fruit, like a mulberry. This Granato is open and inclined to be available to the drinker even at this younger age. A very Tuscan Granato (in the best way possible); “sangiovesized” Teroldego. Lively fruit is the winning element and makes this probably the most pleasant wine of this set. Like a chameleon it changes constantly in the glass while keeping a gentle arrogance and superiority throughout. Like a youthful, but elegant man from another time with a hat, walking on the streets in 2022. Not from an era of chauvinism, abuse or over-victimization (if such only existed), but an epoch of upright modernism with a gentle heart and respect for life.”

- Foradori