Moriki Shuzo Suppin Rumiko no Sake 2023 720ml

Suppin Rumiko no Sake

Junmai Ginjo 2023

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This sake is named after Rumiko, who is the Toji (Master Brewer) and 4th generation Kuramoto (Brewery Owner) along with her husband Hideki. When Rumiko's father was unable to continue working at the Kura about 25 years ago, Rumiko and Hideki, who had recently married, stepped in and started working alongside the Toji instead. A few years later Rumiko and Hideki became the Toji themselves. It was at this time that they committed to making only Junmai [Pure Rice] sake, at the highest level they could achieve. Now 20 years later the Hanabusa, Tae no Hana and Suppin Rumiko no Sake range of products are the quintessence of their dedication to top quality brewing.

‘Suppin’ translates into ‘to go bare-faced or without makeup’ and explains that this sake is made without unnecessary manipulation or work. A ‘Pure Rice’ sake made without charcoal filtration, pasteurisation or dilution. The manga graphic on the label of this sake is a very famous drawing of Rumiko when she first started brewing sake, as she was one of the very first female Toji at the time. The Suppin Rumiko no Sake is made with Hattan Nishiki rice grown locally by a contracted farmer. It has lovely earthy notes, a soft textural palate, balanced acidity and a dry and layered finish.

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